Hero Quest board Game ( MB ) 1989


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Hero Quest
By M B 1989
Developed with Games Workshop
HERO QUEST is a unique adventure board game. The colourful components recreate a world of magic with dark dungeons and fearsome monsters. Accept the challenge of Hero Quest.
Venture into long forgotten underground passages, through closed doors and into vaults far beneath the surface of the world.
Battle with the foul inhabitants of the Underearth in your search for ancient treasure. But beware the traps of the Evil Wizard, Morcar!
For many years the land has been at peace.The Darkness that once threatened to engulf it is forgotten, but the Darkness was not destroyed merely banished. And now it gathers strength once more and an ancient evil stirs in the depths of the Earth. The land has need of heroes.Like Rogar and his followers of old. Without them we are doomed!
Dare you take up the challenge of Hero Quest, and enter the underground realm of Morcar, the evil Wizard? There are great treasures to be won, if you can overcome their fell guardians. The dark caverns hold many dangers - terrible monsters, deadly traps. and worse
Each game is unique adventure set in a different set in a different underground stronghold. You must explore unlit tunnels and mysterious rooms, rooting out the servants of Morcar wherever they may lurk. Every adventure you complete takes you one step closer to becoming a Hero - a status that few can claim.
Some of you will play the part of one of four bold adventurers
THE BARBARIAN - A mighty warrior from the Borderlands. Few men can match him in mortal combat
THE ELF - A member of a proud and ancient race whose fighting is matched only by his magical skills
THE WIZARD - A master of arcane lore whose knowledge and use of magic is unrivalled
THE DWARF - A doughty and fearless warrior with a keen eye for secret doors and traps.
One of you will play the part of the servants of Morcar - Evil Wizard and Lord of Chaos. With your concealed forces, you can plot against the adventurers. Watch as they fall prey to your monsters and cunning traps.
Can you survive in the World of Hero Quest.... Can you become the greatest hero and saviour of the land?
Contents in Excellent Condition /Box has Slight Storage wear
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